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From all over the world you can fly to Bangkok, sometimes even direct to Phuket. There are several flights daily. You can fly from Bangkok to Phuket in about one hour. There are  many daily flights. From the airport you can use a rental car (about 25 euros per day) or a taxi (about 25 million metered). Within a 45 minute drive you reach cottage Thie Suwai via an excellent direct route, Highway nr. 4.   

You can use Thie Suwai as a basis for a wonderful Thailand holiday, with all the culture and excursions in the area (see excursions). Of course we can offer you personal advice and tips to make your holiday unforgettable.   


Getting there and around is easy

Of course we will give you all kinds of tips for trips and we can assist with car hire etc.  We always use a local travel service. They are in downtown Khaolak and we have known them for years. They also know where we are on Saiyoi and can pick you up for an excursion for instance. But you can also rent a motorbike (€ 7,50/day or less) or car (from € 20,-/day) with them or they can drive you around to touristic places. They can also pick you up or drive you to the airport. If you need other assistance they will also help you.

You can also first take a tour around Thailand and then with one of the many affordable domestic flights, end up at our home for a nice luxury beach holiday in Khao Lak.   

Tip: De Jong Intra Holidays offers an excursion trip from Bangkok to the south of 7 days via lots of touristic high lights, which ends in the vicinity of Khao Lak.


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