Welcome and Sawasdee to Thie Suwai "a beautiful place"

deluxe 2 person hide away jungle bungalow with garden and mountain pool, free wifi

About us

We are Niels and Erwin Schott Hamming from Leeuwarden, the capitol of Friesland in the Netherlands. Niels is chiropractor in Leeuwarden and Erwin interior designer in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our first introduction to Thailand was in 2004, on our honeymoon. For us this was an unforgettable experience, the beautiful country, a very friendly people, great weather and delicious food.

Since then we have been to Thailand several times a year on vacation and we have seen all of Thailand. It was during one of those holidays that we visited Khao Lak.

This place made a tremendous impression on us, primarily because of the scenery. We walked on one of the beautiful beaches and from there we saw the beautiful mountains covered with tropical rainforest and knew then that this is the place for us.

And so we desided in 2008 to build a home in Thailand, our beautiful villa Suwan Chang, which is our second home. In 2015 we were able to buy the 'next door' bungalow too, that is privately located 30 meters down the street. We called it Thie Suwai, which means: beautiful place. We use it as our guest house for friends and relatives that visite us when we are in Thailand. But when we are not, it is available for other people to enjoy.